2 Open Sub (Pair) with Crossover - B Series
2 Open Sub (Pair) with Crossover - B Series

2 Open Sub (Pair) with Crossover - B Series

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About This Product

There is something inherently beautiful and satisfying about bass produced by an open baffle speaker in solid bamboo.  Bamboo is a high-speed material with outstanding resonance properties.  The bass notes are clear, with subtle shadings, and clear articulation of the lower notes, never appearing as  smeared or boomy.  The Low-frequency extension is impressive without overhang or overpowering bass.   A naturally clear and clean presentation every time.   Sonic atrributes are readily apparent but not limited to the expansion of the soundstage, to a natural fortifying of the human voice, or the sheer power of a kettle drum.

Such is the contribution when the 2 open when added to any loudspeaker set up, however when in tandem with our open baffle speaker line a natural synergy is achieved.   The 2.0 Open is a no-holds-bar bass system that elevates the soundstage, bass extension, and sense of scale for orchestral recordings or good old rock and roll.  Equally adept at the shadings of blues or folk music.  With our external crossovers, the load to the main speakers is freed of producing the low-frequency notes enabling the main speakers to effortlessly produce vivid highs and articulate midrange.  Let the bass-enhancing properties of the 2.0 Sub woofer system ignite the passion for a great musical presentation.  

They are sold as a pair with external crossovers, single-ended inductance crossover @50hz (lower) and 100hz (upper driver.   Available in natural as well as three (3) beautiful stains.   Contact your Tri-Art dealer for an audition today.  Hear the difference an open baffle can make.


All Specifications

Frequency Response / Acoustic Data:

  • +/-3dB 35Hz to 250Hz

Subwoofer Specs:

  • Nominal Impedance  8.0 O
  • Recommended Amplification: Up to 150 Watts per channel
  • Sensitivity: 90db
  • Drivers: Dual 15”  (381mm) Paper-Poly-Sandwich Cone (per sub)
  • Feet: Four (4)  adjustable up to 2”, Brass Collared Bronze Spikes 
  • Volume matching attenuator for full range 
  • Mode: Floor Standing
  • Subwoofer Exterior:  26" (533.4 mm) H X 16" (406.4 mm) W X 20” (508 mm) D
  • Subwoofer Weight (with grill): 25.5lbs (11.6kg)
  • Single 15” high-excursion driver - output from a solid bamboo enclosure
  • External Crossovers included
  • Jumper wires from Crossover to SubWoofer included.
  • Subwoofer Exterior: 50" (1270 mm) H X 16" (406.40 mm) W X 24" (609.60 mm) D
  • Subwoofer Weight  25.5lbs (11.6kg)
  • Dual 15” high-excursion drivers - output from a solid bamboo enclosure
  • One pair of external crossovers
  • Adjustable bronze spike feet

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