5 Open (Pair) with Crossover
5 Open (Pair) with Crossover

5 Open (Pair) with Crossover

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The Five Open Baffle Speaker is one of the most natural and musical loudspeakers available today.  Winner of the Audio Key Review's highest honor, the Diamond Award, the Five Open draws accolades (and long lines) whenever we demonstrate it at audio shows. The impressive performance includes the noticeable differentiation and the dynamics of each bass note.  The dynamics and depth are impressive and known hallmarks of the paper cone woofers.  Equipped with an 18” sub-bass driver and a  15” upper woofer driver, the duo produces an uncanny bass realism unmatched by any box speaker design.

The speaker design is a Full-Range Driver with an Alnico magnet that is supported by the bass drivers for the low frequencies and the soft dome tweeter and super tweeter for mid to high frequencies.  The full-range driver minimizes phase distortion found in even the best of the traditional midrange drivers.  The ‘Five’ opens a window of clarity,  portraying a vivid image of vocalists, the unmistakable depth and width of the soundstage, and the space between instruments.  There is a clarity that is rarely found at this price level.  The 5 Open also features a super tweeter, whose contributions to room conditioning, bass, and soundstage size are surprisingly formidable.

The 5 Open’s External Crossover features a volume control permitting the user to match the Mid and Upper Frequencies to the bass for each speaker.   The user can blend them accurately to the bass volume, ensuring a cohesive and synergistic match between the drivers.  Moreover,  it creates a specific sonic relationship within the room boundaries. In other words,  the room walls become its speaker cabinet. 

The Baffle is akin to fine furniture, with smooth lines without fastening screws.  We utilize solid-core pure copper wire intricately woven within the bamboo rear support.  The 5 Open is truly a work of Art and represents one of the true values of audio today. 

All Specifications

Design: Open Baffle

Nominal Impedance: Single Input 8 O

Recommended Amplifiers: 25 Up to 150 Watts RMS

Sensitivity: 94 dB SPL (1W/1M)

Volume Matching: Crossover Only

Frequency Range: 27 – 40,000 Hz

Driver Details

Total Drivers: Five

Input 1:

1" Fabric Dome Tweeter (13,000 Hz and up) 20 Watts

8" Full Range Paper Cone Cloth Edge

Super Tweeter (40,000 Hz)

Input 2:

Up to 150 Watts

Two Paper Cone Cloth Edge Woofers

Top 15": 30-100Hz @ 1st Order 6dB Slope

Bottom 18": 27-50Hz @ 1st Order 6 dB Slope

Crossover Details (Optional)

Inputs: 2

Adjustable Volume Control for Full Range Speaker Section: Crossover Only

Outputs: 3

Cables: Set of 0.5-meter jumper cables with banana plugs.

Output 1 (Full Range)

100-Watt Attenuator

47-Ohm Resistor

100 Hz Single Cap Filter

Output 2 (Bass)

Single open-air inductor filter 100Hz @ 1st Order 6 dB Slope

Output 3 (Sub Bass)

Single open-air inductor filter 50 Hz @ 1st Order 6 dB Slope

Mode: Floor Standing

Finish: Bamboo Laminate Soaked in Hemp Oil

Stands: Bamboo Stand with 4 Brass-Collared, Bronze Spikes with Bamboo Spike Cups


H: 62.0" (157.48cm) W: 19" (48.26cm) D: 16.25" (41.27cm)

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