Rear Projection
Rear projection Screen Goo

Rear Projection

Part Number: Rear-Projection-Screen-Goo
Sizes ranging 500mL - 16L

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Rear Projection Screen Goo

Designed for Rear Projection applications

Screen Goo Rear Projection coating SPRAYED (only) on a suitable substrate are all that's required to create an excellent Rear Projection screen. No Reflective Coat required.

Suitable substrates include Glass, Plexiglas, Lexan/Polycarbonate in Clear (fully transparent) or slightly Tinted varieties up to 0.25 inch thick.

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Product Data Sheet

'Margaret Learns to Drive From There to Here' is a multi-channel video installation utilizing Goo Systems Rear Projection coating that explores ways in which the suburbs are mediated through technology. By appropriating and re-performing televisual representations of suburban family life and cinematically re-presenting the suburban landscape, this project renegotiates the way in which suburbia is informed by, and experienced as, representational practice.

'Margaret Learns to Drive From There to Here' was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art ( as part of Empire of Dreams: Phenomenology of the Built Environment, in Toronto, Canada from June 19 to August 15, 2010.