Screen Goo 2.0 Kits
Screen Goo 2.0 Kits

Screen Goo 2.0 Kits

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Screen Goo 2.0 complete kits include everything you need to make up to 140" diagonal 16:9 High Quality Home Theater Screen.

Kits include:

1x 1000mL Goo 2.0 coating
1x SKU 21242 500mL Screen Goo 100% Acrylic Premier Primer
1x 250mL Ultra Black border paint
1x 4L Paint Tray
1x Roller Handle with 2 premium Roller Refills
1x 2? Foam Applicator
1x 32’x2? Flock tape
1x Painter’s Mate green 48mm x 55m painting tape
Complete instructions on how to put it all together

Screen Goo 2.0 is a line of premium quality projection screen coatings. Combined with Screen Goo 100% Acrylic Premier Primer and highest quality painting accessories, Screen Goo 2.0  kits deliver superior performance and all of the benefits that Screen Goo is well known for in a single attractive package.

Compared to its predecessors, Screen Goo 2.0:

  • lays flatter and smoother
  • produces deeper and more saturated colour
  • has superior detail and image definition
  • has extended open time, facilitating finishing
  • has extended coverage
  • can be applied in fewer coats
  • simplifies touch ups and other repairs

Three versions of Screen Goo 2.0 complete kits are being released –

  • Goo 2.0 Reference White 1.0 – Best suited for rooms with complete light control.
  • Goo 2.0 High Contrast 0.85 – Best suited for rooms with moderate ambient light levels and
  • Goo 2.0 Max Contrast 0.7 – Best suited for rooms with high ambient light levels.

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