Sticky Screen Rear Projection Film
Sticky Screen Rear Projection Film

Sticky Screen Rear Projection Film

Part Number: 1950

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SHADOW GREY - Dark grey film that offers a great combination of excellent contrast with rich saturated colors for indoor or outdoor use.

HOLO CLEAR - Transparent film featuring exceptional brightness and colors with a projected image and nearly invisible without. Ideal choice for special effects in a room with little to no ambient light.

ULTRA WHITE - White translucent film that boasts a bright image with vibrant colors and a wide viewing angle. Perfect for subdued indoor environments.

ULTRA WHITE 360 - A dual sided white screen film that enables the image to be viewed from the front and rear simultaneously. 

BLACK MAX - Extreme contrast film that delivers the deepest black levels. Great choice for high ambient light levels when paired with high powered projectors.

NINJA GREY - Perfect solution for those requiring a less obtrusive film that performs well in ambient light. A unique perforation pattern is utilized allowing you to see through the film while maintaining contrast for vibrant images in ambient light. 

Not recommended for use with "Short Throw" projectors

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