How bright does my projector need to be?
Screen size and ambient light are two biggest things to consider when deciding on a projector.

For installations in a dark environment 75+ lumens per square foot, moderate light 200+ lumens per square foot, store front window 300 minimum 450+ recommended.

Example: A 30” x 51” (10.62 sq.ft.) screen in a room with moderate light should have a projector rated with at least 2,124 lumens.

Your website doesn't list the exact size size I need?
You can purchase a larger size closest to you what you need, then using scissors or a razor knife you can trim it down to size.

Can it be removed?
Yes, using the the tip of a knife or blade carefully lift a corner of the film enough so that you are able to grab the corner flap with your fingers, then firmly and slowly pull the film away from the surface.

How do I clean it?
1. General cleaning.

a. Wash the film surface with ½ tsp. of amber colored baby shampoo per quart of lukewarm

water. Avoid soaps that contain waxes, oils or lotions.

b. Dry thoroughly with a clean soft cloth or micro-fiber cleaning cloth, applying only light


2. For stubborn fingerprints or oily contamination an ammonia free or “tint safe” window cleaner

can be used. Such products include Eagle One 20/20 Glass Cleaner, Chemical Guys Glassworkz

Optical Clarity Glass Cleaner, Method Glass & Surface Cleaner. Follow manufacturers


Which side of the glass is it installed on?
Our films are non directional and can be installed on either side. Most common is installing on the projector side of the glass, however installing on the viewers side of the glass will greatly reduce any unwanted glare due to Sticky Screens matte surface.

Why don't you list “Gain” ratings like other company’s?
Gain is a measurement of reflectivity of a projection surface, the gain number is a ratio of the light that is reflected from the screen. Gain numbers are helpful when comparing front projection surfaces and commonly range from .8 to 2.0, however, unlike front projection screens that reflect light, rear projection screens capture the projected light and redistribute it to the viewers side. There is no unit of measurement for “captured light” and unlike other suppliers that post ridiculous gain ratings, we will not post bogus numbers in a attempt to deceive our customers.